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Trycon, through its innovative and entrepreneurial philosophy, maintains a competitive position in today's real estate marketplace.

Believing that careful management of risk is the key to creating a favorable risk/reward investment ratio, Trycon formulates a strategic plan for the identification, acquisition, construction, management, monitoring, and disposition of each prospective property.

Drawing upon comprehensive understanding of targeted markets, and guided by changing tenant demands, we focus on the selection of those higher quality market niches, which offer flexible and creative development opportunities. We then rely upon our experience and a system of pro-active controls to implement an effective development plan. Hands-on management skills, coupled with a network of conscientiously nurtured relationships with third party investors, lenders and consultants, allow us to convert creative opportunities into successful realities.

Our Emphasis is in the following areas 

-Nurtured Relationships

-Risk Management

-Quality Market Niches

-Pro-Active Controls

-Hands On Mangement